The Vision

Fundamentally, my wife and I are in this ministry because of the clear and direct call that God placed upon our lives.

The Church was first established due to the realization that God has moved upon us to pioneer a church that was first local, Afterward it would expand to incorporate other areas as GOD would direct.

After much prayer and thought we were lead to the name “Bible Believers Assembly’. This said directly we were an assembly of Bible believers. This vision has never changed and it has remained consistent throughout the years.

To teach the basic need for the Church to return to the NEW TESTAMENT teachings and for people to return to the Holy Scriptures for guidance, doctrine, and ethics. To teach people to uphold the principles of Jesus in everyday living. To teach Christ centered values and character traits in home, in government, in commerce and in education.

As we grew, the vision grew and became more focused as ministry opportunities and doors opened for us to put into practice and use, the outreaches necessary to bring these visions into a realty. The training of young and dedicated ministers to carry forth with the values of this vision in our society as the ministry develops.

In July of 2006, the Lord opened up the door of First Assembly of God Church where we were asked to bring Bible Believers Assembly and join forces with First Assembly of God Church to make one Church to be called Bible Believers First Assembly of God Church.

We purpose to remain victorious and overcoming in each area of this vision until the return of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Pastor’s Bill and Kathy Webb

409 High School Dr
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Phone: (972) 262-2686